Top 10 Posts

Since starting this website in March 2009, we have amassed an impressive collection of blog posts. Feel free to troll your way through the archives; or start with the following ten posts, which we feel best represent our travels and insights to date.

There’s Something to be Afraid Of…
It’s not the bears or the drug cartels or the endless unknown…
The Great Fear

Food, Our Nemesis
Eating well while traveling on bike is difficult, to say the least, and it always gives us pause.
Always Thinking About Food

Our Prime Living Year
We muse about what it means to trade in a prime earning year for a prime living year.
A Lifetime of Memories for a Shoeful of Dust

Simplicity and Traveling
Our urge for things does not go away simply because we have sold all our furniture and carry our whole lives on a bicycle.
Minimalism on a Bicycle

An Emotional Struggle
The Texas winds get into Laura’s head during a grueling ride and she crumples under the weight.
What it Feels Like to Break Down

Is There a “Right” Way?
We think the best way for anyone to go bike touring is on a bike, the rest is just personal details.
You’re Doing it Wrong

Take Your Partner Bike Touring
It’s not easy to broach the topic of bike touring to an unwilling partner. We know, we’ve been there. But it’s worth it!
How to Talk to Your Partner About Bike Touring

A Brompton Review
After a month of loaded touring on our Bromptons, we give a review of the experience.
One Month of Loaded Touring on a Brompton, or ‘No, It’s Not a Bike Friday’

Can Bicycles Save Small Economies?
We begin to see how bicycle tourism can make an indelible impact on small towns, and bring places back from the brink.
Economics of Bike Touring

Dealing with Road Rage
Road rage is a cyclist’s worst nightmare, and something we never thought we’d actually experience.
Inside an International Bike Incident

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