About Us

We believe in bicycle travel.

In March 2009, we made a bold decision. As we rambled across Joshua Tree National Park, reveling in the expansive vistas, we couldn’t help but wonder… “what if we just kept riding?” Four months later, we had sold everything we owned, said goodbye to our friends, relinquished our apartment… and pedaled off toward the horizon.

On the road, we learned about simplicity and serendipity. We learned how to free camp in the desert and stay warm in sub-freezing temperatures. We learned that we have a lot more in common with strangers that we previously believed, and that being on a bicycle breaks down a lot of the usual barriers. Most surprisingly, after 3 years and 18,000 miles of continuous travel, we learned that the humble bicycle has the power to revitalize small towns and bring people together.

Bicycle travel is a family vacation and a rural economic development tool; it has the power to enrich our personal lives and the well-being of our communities.

As we move away from continuous travel, we’re using our skills in storytelling, speaking, photography, and videography to change the conversation about bicycle tourism. We’re working with small towns who want to develop their existing assets to attract cyclists. We’re working with tourism organizations who want to understand the potential of this untapped market. We’re working with advocates who want to demonstrate that cycling is a powerful and positive change agent.

Join us.

For years, we were big city people who thought that cycling only “worked” in urban centers. But the further we traveled, the more we realized that cycling is a perfect compliment for small towns.

In a rural area, the roads are quiet and the mountain biking trails are close to town – and cyclists are happy to keep it that way. Attracting cyclists is often a simple way for a small town to dip its toes into tourism, because it doesn’t require massive new infrastructure or attractions – just water, lodging, and a hot meal at the end of the day.

We want you to succeed with bicycle tourism.

Whether you’re building a destination for road cycling, mountain biking, or cross-country touring, it’s the unique characteristics of your town that will entice people to stay longer. It can be daunting to look at your community through the eyes of a potential bicycle traveler – and that’s where we come in. We’ve spent years visiting small towns and we’ve seen great examples of bicycle tourism (and not-so-great examples) – and we’ll use this experience to help you identify your assets and market your area to cyclists.

“You really yanked our cycling community out of the shadows with your visit, it feels like the whole town has been talking about cycling since you left.” – Shonna Howenstine, Tourism Coordinator, City of Paso Robles

Learn more about working with us. We give a great presentation, and we have an unparalleled understanding of bike tourism marketing.

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