• Audrey

    I’m in,,,will look for it,,on Amazon? sounds so tempting yet sadly scary all in one. that’s a sign right?

    September 26, 2012
  • Thanks for the tip on the book. My wife and I are seriously looking at our possessions and how we live our lives in preparation for a future shake-up where we can do what we really want to do. Book’s now in my hold queue at the local libaray (26 holds for 5 copies…topic must strike a chord with several others!)

    September 28, 2012
  • ufa

    I have justo bought the ebook version, but I am “returning” it as the ebook is infected with drm. Most sad 🙁

    September 28, 2012
  • Karolien

    I just bought the book (on amazon) and loved it!
    I started simplifying my life and still have a long way to go, I think. Although in the eyes of most people I live a simple life already and they now think I’m going crazy, as I’m on my declutter journey and getting rid of a lot of stuff. But I know what I’m doing and even more, I know why I’m doing it! It feels great!
    I really recommend the book! It’s a nice read and makes you think about your life and how you want it to be.

    Ps: Russ and Laura: you have an amazing blog! I love to read your posts and fallow your journey! (and to be honest, it kind of makes me jealous sometimes 🙂 ).

    September 28, 2012
  • Laura, thanks for sharing! My husband and I very recently left our jobs in Chicago and are currently riding our bikes across the country. Not a week ago, when we were talking about our own tiny house plans, did I show my husband the picture on your Facebook wall from when you ran into Tammy and Logan moving their house to California! And, then, just a few days later you post about her new book! We are definitely going to be reading it 🙂

    September 29, 2012
  • Mel

    I think some people are starting to wake up to this idea now. Start turning off the TV. Stop letting ads tell you what make you happy and allow the mind to dream and tune into what is one’s happiness.

    Also am starting to downsize although it’s not easy. I think we visit the dark corners of our mind when we do so. Fitting in old clothes we can no longer fit into. Letting the childhood memories wash over into the present. I’m doing this because yes, I am planning on a grand folding bike tour when finances shape up for months (or years) of being unemployed.

    I’m starting to run my life like how one would run a business. Time, activities and possession must return an acceptable ROV (Return on Value – which is not always measured by money, mostly happiness) in order to remain or be expelled and/or replaced.

    PS: I tried the camping pad route for a several weeks but the sleep was a bit harsh (being a side sleeper) until a friend gave me a bed (sadly because it was his dad’s before he passed away). I’m amazed that you two can!

    October 10, 2012
  • I enjoyed your video and especially your story about downsizing and enjoying the simple things in life. I write this because I did something similar to this myself 2 years ago and live as simple as possible.
    I hope and trust that you will continue your journey.

    October 18, 2012
  • Its refreshing to see that people are waking up to the idea of a simple life and just enjoying the simple things in life, whats most important. I too did a long journey 2 years ago, not as long as yours, but I too discovered that happiness to just enjoy life.

    October 19, 2012
  • Thanks for sharing this book and the story behind how you met Tammy. I too am yearning for something more simple and authentic, and I’m sure this will provide fuel for the fire. Ride on!

    November 25, 2012

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