• gl.

    I’m really looking forward to exploring Dodge Park! Can you compare The Hill to another slope in Portland? The Oxbow hill, for instance, is ridiculous. Is the Dodge Park hill more like Mt. Tabor or Greeley or Alameda, etc.?

    July 30, 2012
  • Patrick

    WAY easier than Oxbow. Easier than the mid-section of Tabor. Maybe about as steep as the last part of Tabor after the upper gate?

    July 30, 2012
  • Tim

    The GPS route is not opening for me, do you have a GPX file that could be obtained?

    July 30, 2012
  • Nice one, everyone! Looks like it was fun. Kudos to Andy S, who put the route together.

    gl, you should totally check out Dodge Park! But be advised, it is only open during “summer”, ie Memorial Day to Labor Day. So you got another month to go.

    Russ, I understand that the MAX could be better for non-standard bikes. But in your travels, have you encountered any North American rail system (light or heavy rail) that was accommodating to cargo bikes, trailers, tandems, etc?

    July 30, 2012
  • Shetha

    My husband did track the ride with his GPS if you’re interested in gpx. http://app.strava.com/rides/15386035

    July 30, 2012
  • @Adventure! Yes! Strangely enough, the light rail in Los Angeles is actually pretty good with cargo bikes!

    On the Red Line – all they did was take out a few rows of seats (about the length of a bike and a half) and have a colored rectangle on the ground. You simply push the bike on and lean it against the wall.

    The space is big enough to accommodate a longtail, bike with trailer and maybe even a bakfiets (I know it fit the Bilenky no problem).


    July 31, 2012
  • wow, this looks like an awesome good time… and I had no idea it was happening until reading on BikePortland that it was already over…

    guess I need to get on some more mailing lists or something…

    August 06, 2012
  • Hey Russ,
    Beautiful description and pictures like always.
    I got to meet you at the start of this ride for a brief second, while I was touring down to the coast. Thanks for the suggestion to Nestucca Rivier Road. Beautiful ride.
    Heres more pictures of that particular Kidical Mass event.

    and here are pictures of us going through Nestucca River Road and ultimately through the Nestucca River with our bikes.




    Thanks again
    -Manny Acosta

    August 26, 2012
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