• JdeP

    One question I’d like to see discussed:
    Brompton specifically designed P-type handlebars for touring, to give a much greater variety of hand-positions and riding postures, but you chose standard M-type bars instead. Why?

    I’d also be interested in your choice of pedals: if standard Brompton pedals are not good enough, why not go the whole hog and get pendals with toe-clips, or clipless pedals?



    March 07, 2012
  • @Peter: this article might shed some light on your question –


    March 07, 2012
  • Hi! We featured your video today. Thanks for yet another awesome production.

    March 07, 2012
  • Kevin

    Can’t wait for you guys to put out a book. I’d love to see you mix your how-to instructions with your true-life tales of life on the road. And, of course, I’d love your book to be filled with your great photos. Another thought: maybe you could include a DVD to better explain/demonstrate certain how-to instructions as well as show some of the scenic highlights of touring (all backed up by some tunes from some local band or bands). Welcome back!

    March 07, 2012
  • Hi there Peter.

    We tried the P’s and didn’t really like them. They gave a usable hi and low position and that was it. I wanted something that was close to the flats on a drop bar and the stubby bar ends on the M mimicked that. Also, with the P, you’re either stuck with the grey foam or handlebar tape. Nothing after market or ergonomic will work on them.

    Regarding the pedals, we knew we wanted flat pedals still so clipless or toe clips wasn’t an option. We REALLY like our current MKS Grip Kings with the track spikes and wanted to keep using them. We used them on our 15 month US tour. Fortunately, we could change the spindle to a QR. So presented with that option, we did that.

    Hope that helps.


    March 07, 2012
  • A book about Brompton travelling would be great. Real-life experiences are priceless. Getting a Brommie for touring/visiting various places in Canada is my wish.

    March 07, 2012
  • Brian

    The video clip made me tear up. Not sure exactly why, but then again, not sure that I need to. Thank you guys, for that moment.

    March 07, 2012
  • AussieBikeBoy

    Travel by bike. Live more.
    I want the T-shirt.

    March 08, 2012
  • Hey, I agree with AussieBikeBoy.
    I’d buy a T-shirt “Travel by bike. Live more.” A blue one :-)
    Your “zombie apocalypse” T-shirts play with a negative concept, even though it’s meant as a joke. If our intention is to uplift people, we need to use positive concepts, regardless of how jokingly we use them. “Travel by bike. Live more” sounds good.

    March 08, 2012
  • Thanks for the feedback. Working on a Travel by Bike shirt :)

    March 08, 2012
  • AussieBikeBoy

    Hey Micheal, I know what you mean. But what I think the Zombie Apocalypse T-shirts are really saying in a fun way, how bad do things have to get before we start doing something about the environment.

    I agree with you Brian it is a moving clip, if there was an award for short clips promoting cycling then “Travel by bike. Live more.”, would win an Oscar.

    March 08, 2012
  • […] This is a great video about the joys of bicycle travel from Russ & Laura of The Path Less Pedaled.  Russ & Laura have been living by bike for the past three years, and if you don’t follow along with their journey, I suggest you check it out.  They were also featured in our post on Long Distance Utility Cycling a few years ago, when we had the pleasure of hosting them in Tucson.  Enjoy the video: What is Bicycle Travel? […]

    March 09, 2012
  • Mike

    Another wonderful video! This one was perfectly paced and phrased. You two quietly and simply improve the world.

    PS Sign me up for a “Travel by bike. Live more.” t-shirt.

    March 12, 2012

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