• More Frocks on Bikes video goodness: the Wheel Stylish 2012 cycle chic fashion show http://cyclingwellington.co.nz/2012/01/ride-your-bike-to-work-on-wednesday/ and the 2011 Love to Roll Valentine’s Day Ride http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhYeqnIusIs. Can’t wait for this year’s Love to Roll!

    February 02, 2012
  • I just started reading your blog, and it looks like your ride was a success, despite the wind! I live in Amsterdam and am intrigued by how cycling is elsewhere as here, the majority of people cycle–it’s transportation, pure and simple, not a particularly social activity.

    What interests me is seeing the enthusiasm and community that has developed around cycling in places such as New Zealand. You really need like-minded people to support your efforts to cycle when the norm is driving. In that regard, I see such groups as pioneers because they are going against the grain, but creating something useful, sustainable and fun.

    Hope you are enjoying your travels and thanks for the post!

    February 05, 2012
  • Think you’re blessed on West Coast.These are the conditions most of us bikies have to cope with.Winds,wet,w****er drivers.
    Re:luggage,have you got drybags for proper rain?
    Mechanical,let’s take bets.Chain Tensioner?!
    Keep living The Dream!!Cheers

    February 05, 2012
  • Hey Russ, love following along. Video editing question, where do you find the audio for all your videos?

    February 19, 2012
  • I was also wondering how did the dog do with the longer way home?

    February 21, 2012

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