• Blimey!How did you get a hole like that in a Marathon(Plus)?!Have you changed tubes yet or are they still going,albeit patchworked?
    Any slippage on seatposts?Wondered if the telescopic ones suffer from this.
    Photos are monumental!

    August 08, 2011
  • Gino

    I can’t say enough good things about this page! I’m envious of your trips. The photos are always spectacular and I’m sure do no justice to the real thing. It’s great that you pass on your experiences to other cyclists so we can take notes of the places you’ve been.

    August 08, 2011
  • Johnny

    Those are some seriously beautiful photos, guys! And I got your postcard! Hooray! Bikes!

    August 10, 2011
  • Mark

    Thanks so much for sharing your photos, videos, and experiences with us. I am becoming very jealous as I sit here in my office contemplating an afternoon of meetings and email. You inspire me to find an adventure.

    August 11, 2011
  • mike

    this trip looks great! did you figure out why so many flats? on the downhills do the rims get hot and maybe melt the tube or tire? keep up the good work!

    August 11, 2011

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