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  • Hey Laura!

    I’m a new reader so I’m just going through your archives and I had to comment on this post!

    This was a very big problem for me because I found it so hard to let go of old birthday cards and letters. The time and effort it took for a loved one to write to me was not something I wanted to throw away.

    But then I had to ask myself, what will I do with all of these things once I am old? Will I just endure keeping them now only to let my kids throw them away for me? Shouldn’t I be the one to let them go?

    Thanks to technology, a part of the letters can be saved. I scanned/took pictures and recycled of a lot of them. And I have to say, it felt quite liberating to get the burden of those boxes off my back. I can still read them when I want to, just not the real tangible versions, it’s up to each person if they feel it’s worth that trade-off.

    Of course, I completely understand if you want to keep them, I would have too if I had them for long enough.

    Thank you for a great blog so far… I’m looking forward to reading through until the present day 🙂


    November 19, 2010

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